How to access our digital library from home

There’s an app for that!

Access e-books and audiobooks via the Libby App and your library card.

View this video on how to download and access Libby:

Access The Palm Beach Post, The Miami Herald, the Sun Sentinel, newswires, premier news magazines and journals, and other American newspapers.

Access the Newsbank database to read news articles from home using your Lantana Public Library card and by following these steps:

1. After clicking on the link to the site, users will arrive at the portal site page.
2. At the portal site, enter in lowercase L plus your Lantana Public Library Card Number/barcode (for example, L99999)
3. Search by USA, Florida, PB Post, region,
magazine, etc.

Direct Newspaper Links

Palm Beach Post Collection

Search more than 30 years of Palm Beach history with the Palm Beach Collection. Coverage from 1988 through today, including full-text, web-only content and full-color image edition.!Palm%2BBeach%2BPost%2BCollection

Miami Herald Collection

Search more than 35 years of Miami history with the Miami Herald Collection. Coverage from 1982 through today, including full-text, web-only content and full-color image edition.

America’s News:

Find information on current issues and events, government, politics and more including newspapers, videos and web-only content featuring the Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post, USA Today and more.

Find A Topic:

Categories include business, education, the environment, health, international issues, jobs and careers, politics, social issues, sports, STEM and more. Also see this link: