About Us

Library Director Kristine Kreidler, woman with pale blonde pink hair and wearing green dress in front of books. Woman is smiling and has her head cocked to towards the camera.
LANTANA – Town of Lantana’s new Library Director Kristine Kreidler pictured at the library. Photo by Tim Stepien/Coastal Star

Our Vision:
The Town of Lantana’s library (Lantana Public Library) was founded in 1947 by the Lantana Women’s Club.  The Library adheres to the original idea of the free public library, to honor the generations of volunteers who have built it, to avoid expensive automation at the cost of materials citizens can actually use, and to be a welcoming space in the heart of Lantana where all area residents can find information, great books, computer access, resources, and community.

To read more on the Lantana Public Library’s history, click on this hyperlink to the Library’s History page.
Read a more extensive history of libraries in Palm Beach county in, “Overdue in Paradise: The Library History of Palm Beach County” by Janet DeVries et. al.

Comments or Questions? You may reach us by phone, e-mail, or regular mail at the following address:
205 West Ocean Ave
Lantana, FL 33462
Phone number: 561- 540-5740
Fax number: 561-540-5742

Library E-mail Address: librarystaff@lantana.org

Library Director:  Kristine Kreidler


Chris Heneghan, Librarian
Tracy Phillips, Library Assistant

Jeff Ault, Library Assistant

Friends of the Library:
Teresa Wilhelm, President

Our Library has a dedicated group of volunteers:

Denise Anderson
Fran Bannister
Louise Barfknecht
Cathy Burns
Yvonne Cernicky
Jane Hand
Carol Thomas
Teresa Wilhelm