Reserve a Computer

Public Computing Workstations

The Library has TWO (2) public workstations allowing users to create documents with Microsoft Office programs, BY RESERVATION ONLY.

Each workstation has digital frame relay T1 access to the Internet. Each has a color printer.

Use of the workstations is free. A limited amount of paper (10 sheets) is also provided free of charge for printing. Extensive printing is not permitted, please!

User sessions are for up to one (1) hour.

To ensure a workstation is available when you wish to use it, please call the Library at 540-5740 to reserve your 1 hour session up to THREE (3) days in advance, or stop by the Library loans counter to reserve a time.

Wireless Internet (WiFi) Computing

The Library now is a WIFI hotspot.   
Users need to have laptops, iPADs, etc. with a wireless internet modem/ethernet connection.  Ask for the password at our counter. 

The Library now has electrical outlets available for public use and to charge laptops or other devices at the Power Bar area.  

Computer Use Rules (Amended Oct. 1, 2014)

1. Users may reserve one-hour sessions in person at the Library counter or by telephone up to 3 (THREE) days in advance.    

2. Reserved sessions begin on the hour and may not exceed one hour.  If no one is waiting to use a workstation, a session may be extended until another user is waiting/has a reservation.

3. Printing is free for adults and for school children (preschool-Grade 12) engaged in school work.  No child may print unless the printing is for school.  Printing more than 10 pages per day requires the approval of the Library Director or his nominee.


4. Only one person may use a workstation at the same time.  A parent or guardian may, however, use a workstation with his or her minor child.


5. Library staff may assist users briefly but cannot provide extensive instruction.


6. Parents, not Library staff, must monitor their children's Internet use.


7. No one may use the Library's computers for illegal purposes or those prohibited by the Library's Internet Access Policy.


8. Users must be silent and refrain from disturbing other users.


9. Library staff will terminate any Internet or computer session which contravenes these rules or the Library's Internet Access Policy.


10. Persons who persist in failure to abide by these rules and/or the Library's Internet Access Policy will lose all Internet and workstation use.